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In the course of our business, we, Pict Inc. receives personal information from the clients', e.g. advertisement provider or any related companies, organizations or individuals. Please refer to the following statement to learn more about our privacy policy, promising you the serious treatment of such personal information from you.

Such personal information may include your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address or any other information that enables to determine who you are, not only identifying, but also suggesting your individuality by connecting the fragments provided. For example,

  • The personally identifiable information provided from our clients including advertisement providers.
  • The personally identifiable information provided from the audition contestants.
  • The personally identifiable information provided by any organizations or individuals related through our business.
  • The personally identifiable information collected through our on-line recruiting activities from our "Recruiting Information" or e-mail inquiries.
  • The personally identifiable information of our employees.

Our privacy Policy

In collecting the personal information, we clearly state the purpose of use. If our business procedure requires to surpass the purpose, we make a prior consultation with the provider for approvals to be permitted with the extended use of information.

  1. We promise the proper treatment of the personal information based on the request of our clients as well as our company regulations. This leads to the intensive checking and confirming in how we receive and use it regarding the range of its use reflected to our responsibility as an information holder.
  2. To keep this privacy policy, we are responsible in choosing a manager in charge of personal information treatment. As well as our whole company, s/he surely establishes a firm system to avoid the leakage of such important information out from out company. Furthermore, periodical checks are conducted so that the proper treatment is maintained. In the cases that renewal or improvement is called for, we take appropriate and prompt action to handle the issues.
  3. We manage the information security. The countermeasures are forestalled and conducted for such incidents as improper access, the loss, the destruction, falsifying and leakage of the personal information.
  4. Upon the request of the personnel who bears the information, we open, add, correct, delete, or provide it to a third party upon the confirmation of the request source. This does not automatically apply to cases that law enforces us to deny.
  5. We properly store the personal information under the strict supervision of the information manager, not to allow unnecessary providence to those who unrelated. Also, it is promised that unnecessary information is destroyed with a proper procedure.
  6. There may be cases that we use the companies, organizations or individuals to treat the personal information as such requirement emerges in the course of our business. We give a proper amount of inspection and strict supervision to such group or people so that the appropriate treatment is confirmed, avoiding improper access, the loss, the destruction, falsifying and leakage of the personal information to happen.
  7. The inner educational opportunities for our executives and employees are periodically conducted to ensure the awareness and correct approach to the personal information with respect to the legal requests, company regulations, and company wide management in the information treatment.
  8. We give it a continuous effort to reserve our privacy policy as well as to fulfill the legal requirements expressed in the law, the rules and the regulations.
  9. We are officially licensed to obtain such internationally recognized standard for information security specified as "BS7799", and "ISMS Certified Standards", our national standard.
We collect the access data.

We collect data about the access history in our website. Such data does not provide us with the personally identifiable information. This is merely used to conduct proper maintenance and access analysis how our pages are utilized, and is not used for any other purposes.