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This department is the main section of the video production company, PICT. From start to finish the production department takes leadership until the completion of video making. The producers are the general managers of the video content production process and the production managers are the people in charge of practical operations such as scheduling and budget control.
The control of video production requires a high degree of skill and expertise. Whether we can prepare and offer exemplary work depends on their great skills, because they are involved in all process of video making.
The production department at PICT has extensive experience in various fields that include TV commercials, promotional videos, and internet content. The production department not only works closely with their own talented staff within the company, but also collaborates with outside staffs. That enables PICT to meet the required quality of clients as well as offering images based on current trends.

Production Unit

The production unit is in charge of the production of videos mainly focusing on TV commercials.
This unit has delivered outstanding business results in promotional videos and internet content as well as TV commercials of a variety of goods and services including automobiles, beverages and electrical appliances.
In association with the directors (Pict SPICE) and the camera department (Pict CORE), our talented production staff produce videos efficiently, at competitive prices, and of high quality.

PID – Pict International Division

PID (Pict International Division) is the division in charge of video production for TV commercials which broadcast in outside Japan. Integrated management system which includes planning, direction and shooting is one of our strength. And utilizing this advantage and our global network, we suggest and offer you an efficient operation system.
We also offer support services when foreign production company shoots in Japan. We have established interactive various networks.

Contents production unit

To respond media diversification, video making techniques and methods for new media are desired.
The contents production unit develops the production style to meet needs of a new age, based on our experienced achievements and response abilities to leading-edge technology.
We will offer you high level of quality and low cost of product by expanding opportunities of content creation in wide-ranging media including viral movie, Web, transportation advertisement, mobile contents, and promotional video.