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In pursuit of inspiring images

■PICT: A professional company creating high quality video content

We highly believe in our goal to touch the hearts of people through the power of images.
We at PICT pride ourselves in the professional quality of our videos. Our reputation that “only PICT can achieve this quality” is a result of the passion and faith that our professionals devote into the work we offer.

■Total power of the Trinity;The original advantage of PICT INC.

We have Production, Camera(PICT CORE) and Directors(PICT SPICE) departments in one company.
Which enable us to deliver all-required professional crew and service from internal staff.
We are proud of this original advantage of “Total Producing”, which is serving high quality contents with efficient workflow.

■PICT covers all kind of visual contents which is expanding it`s world.

The importance of images which is coming not only from TVC, but also from promotion videos and websites is increasing day by day. As one of the Dentsu Group who declare the keyword “Good Innovation”, PICT is expanding the field of communication with extensive experience and knowledge of creating images.

Total power of the Trinity